Total Website Data Retention Policy

Total Website is not responsible for Client’s files residing on Total Website’s servers. These files include, but are not limited to, all website files, email and database files. You are solely responsible for independent backup of data stored on our servers. There are multiple ways you are able to access and backup your data. If you need additional information on these options please contact us at Total Website performs regular backups on a daily basis for emergency use, but we cannot be held responsible for any lost data files, email or other.

On-Going Account Data

  1. The System will store data of your website, SEO information, or eNewsletter content as long as your account is current and active.
  2. If data is removed (User deleting website files, databases, newsletters, etc.) the system will remove the data permanently from the primary servers immediately. The same data will be present in our backup systems for 7 days, after which it will be removed from all our systems.
  3. Restores can be made providing the data was available at the time of backup, at an hourly rate of $115 per hour. If there is a system or hardware failure on our part, a restore will be done for no charge.

Cancellation of Service

  1. Upon cancellation of service, the data in your account will be removed from our primary servers within 48 hours of cancellation.
  2. After 7 days, your data is removed from all our systems including our backup systems.
  3. Restores can be made providing the data is still in our backup systems, at an hourly rate of $115 per hour.