Project Delivery

The project delivery times vary depending on the work involved. The estimated time frames will be mentioned in each product description. If its not specified then we will communicate with you about the estimated time of completion, at the beginning of the project.


We always try to estimate as accurate as possible proposed date of delivery of the service. In most cases, we endeavour to complete the project in estimated time frames.


But, as possible with any other IT services, our project completion date may fluctuate a little depending upon various possible problem faced such as customer delays in giving the giving the website content, miscommunication, rare cases of data loss, technical issues, rush hours etc.


Please don't mind about such hassles. We always try to keep a safety buffer if any issue arises. We will try our best to deliver the project on time.


Having said this, most of our projects finish on time. So, you don't need to worry so much. The reason to mention this here on this page clearly is to keep you inforrmed about the possible situations in IT projects.


Please note:

  • All our important conversations will happen through email. So, please make sure you are using a valid email while using/purchasing our services
  • We deliver the soft copies of products, such as logo, website, hosting account details, templates etc, through email only. If you want hard copies then we can provide you hard copies in the form of CD, DVD and courier it to you at your expense.