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Magento - Assign Multiple Products to a Website

Please choose this service, if you need a script to automatically assign all products to a particular website in magento installation.

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Assign All Products to a Website in Magento

As you know, we can create multi-store website in single Magento installation. Often, you will:

  • create a new website
  • create a new store
  • create a new store view

then you will manually assign products to this website. This process of manually assigning products to a newly created website can become annoying and tiresome. Especially, if you have same products for most of the website only website branding is different.

Don't worry more!! We have a simple php script that will automate this process for you!

We will give you a script that you can use to automatically update your website and assign all the products (from default website) on to the newly created website.


What will you be able to do with this script?:

  • Assign all the products to your website in Magento, from back office admin area
  • Un-assign all the products from your websit ein Magento


  • No need to do dirty sql updates
  • Safe way to assign and unassign all the products to the website


Once you buy this service, we will send you the script with complete instructions to install.


Additional charges apply if you want us to install this script for you in your magento website.